2016 Bordeaux FinTech : Back to reality.

The second edition of Bordeaux Fintech will take place on the 5th and 6th of October in Darwin Halls. Organized by Louis Alexandre de Froissard and Guillaume- Olivier Doré, this 2-days second edition seems promising!

Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs! The objective of the event: gather the key Fin Tech actors to discuss the evolution of the sector, the reality of FinTech, their challenges, the solution provided through their usage and also the future perspectives!



The UX night of the 5th of October will allow to a selection of FinTech to present themselves to the audience. 300 to 500 key actors of the Aquitaine region (Entrepreneurs, CFO, treasurers, Liberal professionals, accountant, Associations…) will be exposed and discover the FinTech solutions that can uplift their day-to-day.

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The day of the 6th of October will be dedicated to professionals. Conferences and workshops are organized this day to discuss the reality of FinTech in France and Europe:

  • Banks vs. FinTech: Encourage hybridization? Build in opposition?
  • Blockchain: how concrete is it today? What is the security level?
  • Europe of Fintech: build on the learnings from the US excess? Consider France as the bridge between Northern and Southern Europe?
  • The security of Crowdlending, suspension of payments: Game over? Neo-banks: profitable? FinTech: 2016 Private Equity trends?
  • Private Asset Management Company Fintech: a remake of Uber vs. Taxi?
As usual, we expect free speech, creative, inventive, disruptive… to think out of the box and push back the boundaries to get the best of each of us! To make it happen, as last year, we have invited 2 great experts to inspire us:


  • Marc Halevy – Physicist et Philosopher (noetique.eu)
  • Yannick Roudault – Ex Financial Journalist – Lecturer

 They will explain to which extent FinTech can inscribe itself in a more global dynamic.


Bordeaux Fintech has the ambition this year to embrace an international dimension thanks to the presence of Susanne Chishti (Fintech Circle Innovate President, Leader of Fintech accelerator on the London market) and European FinTech in order to share their point of view and experiences with a European perspective.

Many other actors are supporting this initiative:

  • Crowdfunding platforms (Lendix, Look&Fin, Crédit.fr, Lendopolis, ) ;
  • Fintechs (Morning, Paymium, Advize, Smile&Pay, PayTop, Edebex, Anytime, Neftys, Robin Finance, Origin, Bankin, Kantox, ) ;
  • Banks (Société Générale, CM Arkea, Binck, …) ; Investors (BlackFinCP)
  • Private Asset Management Company (Cyrus Conseil, Montaigne Conseil) ;
  • Institutions (Finance Innovation, Ville de Bordeaux)

We look forward to welcoming you to the second edition of Bordeaux Fintech to take part of the FinTech revolution! More information: https://bxfintech.com/fr/

Student’s rate and conditions upon request: coordination@bxfintech.com